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Black Tourmaline Roar 2

Black Tourmaline Protection from Negative Energy, Increase your Energy, Enhance Postive Throughts, Reduces Stress, Psychic Channeling, Grounding, Meditation, Raise Vibrations,

Larimar Chunks Large


or 4 payments of $16.25 with Afterpay

Beautiful chunks of Larimar – Unique pieces a must for your collection Wide 3cm x length 6cm x height 4cm aprox

Larimar Chunks Medium


or 4 payments of $10.00 with Afterpay

Beautiful chunks of Larimar – Unique pieces a must for your collection Wide 3cm x length4.5 cm x height 4.5cm aprox
Tumble Stone - Malachite

Tumble Stone – Malachite


Chakra - Heart

Transformation, insight, spiritual evolution, protection during pregnancy and childbirth, clarifying emotions, fidelity, loyalty, practicality, good fortune, prosperity,self-confidence, releases energy blockages formed in the mind / body / spirit, transformation from life to death, helping the journey without fear, concentration, great for students, multitasking,enhancing emotional stability, pure love

It's said to assist in healing radiation sickness, asthma, arthritis, tumors.

Tumble Stone - Chrysocolla

Tumble Stone – Chrysocolla


Chakra Throat

Easing heartache, harmony, stamina, wisdom, peace, love, communication, vitality, inner strength, purify a place, removes negativity, reduces fear anxiety,guilt, protection childbirth & pregnancy

It's said to assist in healing  Asthma, TB, pneumonia, muscle cramps, arthritis, childbirth, pregnancy

Tumble Stone - Pink Opal

Tumble Stone – Pink Opal


Heart Chakra

The pink opal is especially beneficial for sensitive people—loving people—who are in need of healing wounds of the heart.

Tumble Stone – Rhodonite



Grace, Elegance, Peace, Generosity, Attention to Details, Calming, Unconditional Love, Emotional Protection, Confidence, Alleviates Confusion

Healing: Emphysema, Joint Inflammation, Light Sensitivity, Strep Throat, Heart Disorders.

Tumble Stone – Carnelian



Creativity, Manifestation, Good Luck, Precision, analytical Capabilities, Verbal Skill, Protection, Protection From Anger, Jealousy and Fear, Peace, Spirituality, Reduce Sorrow.

Healing: Open sores, Rejuvenate Tissues and Cells, Rheumatism, Kidney Stones, Other Kidney Problems, Gall Stones, Colds, Pollen Allergies, Stomach Issues.

Tumble Stone – Amethyst



The “Stone of the Spirituality”

Enhances Psychic abilities, Shifts Energies to the Higher Frequencies, Dream work, Meditation, Visualization, Protection, Enlightenment, Serenity,  Attracts Good luck, Love, Calms, Transforms, Inner Strength

Healing: Addictions, Alcoholism, Headaches, Insomnia, Arthritis, Pain Relief, Circulatory, Chronic Fatigue, Immune system, Anxiety, Deficiencies and general healing.