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Pietersite Sphere


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♦ Willpower ♦ Overcomes Obstacles ♦ Clairvoyance ♦ High Vibration

Pietersite  was first found in Namibia

Chakra: Third Eye & Solar Plexus

Pietersite: Helps overcome obstacles in your spiritual growth, and it facilitates living our personal truth. Strengthens the etheric body, stimulates clairvoyance, and facilitates astral travel and shamanic journey. It helps to bring high vibration energy from the higher realms in via the third eye chakra. This stimulates you to be willing to do what you need to do to achieve change in your life. It helps reclaiming your will power as it  confronts your fears, loss, failure and vulnerability.  It is simply centering you and grounding you to your own spiritual being. A deep, strong, vibration!

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