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Tiffany Crystal Pendant


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♥ Love ♥Passion ♥Abundance ♥Transformation ♥Spiritual Realm ♥High Vibration

Tiffany Stone is also called Bertrandite

This is a crystal with a sweet high vibration

Tiffany Stone is a stone with extremely high-vibrational properties, most closely associated with healing, transformation, abundance, and love. It offers deep protection from negative energy on the physical plane, the spiritual realm, and in psychic communication.

It helps to release blockages and may boost what happens in the bedroom! This is why it also has another name, Purple Passion!

This lovely stone engenders a light-hearted freedom, whether it is in meditation, connecting to spiritual realms, finding creative inspiration, or just learning to “be” in the moment. It is ideal for releasing stress and pent-up emotions, clearing blockages of the meridians and chakras, and allowing positive energy to flow. This high-vibrational, energizing stone carries a soft frequency that nurtures the mind, stimulating and opening the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras, and increasing one’s intuition and metaphysical abilities


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